Why you need a HRMS?

With present-day technology, time-consuming HR activities like collecting attendance till employee payroll process can be automated efficiently. Smart HRMS is one such User-friendly tool for HR managers that helps them to manage organisational activities and assists their goals.

Using a HRMS software will automate 75% of your repetitive tasks. This helps the HR team to spend more time on other employee welfare activities.
Cost effective
Post HMRS implementation the management could reduce upto 36% of the overall cost spend on time consuming & repetitive activities.
Human resource management involves lot of manual work which gives high chance to errors. With a HRMS software the human errors can be minimised to nil.
Easily Accessible
Our cloud software can store all the organisational data over cloud. This helps the management to easily access the data anywhere, anytime.

Why Smart HRMS?

Smart HRMS is built with 20+ years of industry experience. This makes our software one of the best in the market.
We, developers, have built this Software with at most compassion towards Human Resource Management.
We hope you will love what we’ve built…

Developer less
Making changes to Smart HRMS is so easy that you wont require a software developer.
The user interface of our software can be customised to suit your needs.
End to End solution
Smart HRMS covers the entire HR process from Employee onboarding to Payroll.
Easy data transfer
Import and export of any data can be performed in three simple steps.
Dynamic reports
Any desired report formats can be generated with Smart HRMS for analysing data.
Lifetime support
You receive a lifetime software tech support with our software.

Try Smart HRMS now...

    SMART HRMS Overview

    Smart HRMS has made over 150 + Happy clients serving 12+ industries. A web-based Cloud HRMS software is a go-to tool for any HR Manager to perform their day-to-day activities. Our Smart HRMS cloud is efficient and fast enough to run the payroll processes for 10,000 plus employees.

    We have built it to be customisable so that the user can make the necessary changes. In addition, you can access organisational data anywhere, anytime. Our software features are curated into seven unique screens making the user interface a user-friendly experience.

    “Real time attendance tracking with Bio-Metric integration”
    Perform end-to-end attendance tracking with Attendance software in smarthrms. Calculate overtime and additional hours generating a flawless attendance report for employee payroll transaction.
    Timecard View
    OT Approval
    Wrong Punch Details
    Manual Punch Approval
    Real-time Attendance
    Attendance reports
    Wrong Entry Details
    Unpunched Reports
    Leave software of smart hrms
    “Enjoy a haslefree process of managing your leaves on your fingertips”
    Calculate and manage employee leaves and permission with leave software. An efficient approval process for employees leave and permissions requests can be set up with smarthrms.
    Holiday&week off
    Leave opening
    leave reports
    Leave Approval
    Year End Transfer
    Leave Encash
    Permission Approval
    Direct Leave Entry(HR)
    Manual, auto credit
    “Flawless salary process to the company & the employee everytime.”
    Upload monthly data in bulk and process Payroll with any arithmetic formulas and Conditional statements in one click with smarthrms.
    Create Infinite users
    Role wise permissions
    Auto Emp. code creation
    Loan Management
    Single & Bulk upload
    One-Click Payroll Process
    F&F Settlement
    Dynamic payroll
    Payroll Reports
    Payroll software of smart hrms
    Income tax software of smart hrms
    Income Tax
    “Employee tax filling with declaration in regulated government format”
    All employee incomes and expenses can be calculated with smarthrms. This feature can be used for filing income tax without missing a single rupee for the financial year.
    Tax calculator
    Tax History
    Declaration entry
    Section finder
    Worksheet view
    Tax proof entry
    One-click process
    Form-16, 24Q report
    Payroll Process with Tax

    Happy Clients

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