Attendance software - An intro

Attendance software is a part of smart HRMS through which you can track your employee working hours. Managing attendance in spreadsheets or papers is a time-consuming process. Attendance software allows you to manage all the employee attendance activities like calculating working and overtime hours, managing shifts at ease.

Time Card

Bio-Metric attendance

Attendance Management System (Smart HRMS) can read the biometrics of the employees. You can also view the overall attendance of the employees.

Employee Shift Timing

You can set multiple work shifts for the employees to monitor different shifts of your organisation.

Total Leave & Late Counts

The total number of leaves and late attendance counts can be captured by the Attendance management system (Smart HRMS).

Employee Productivity

An attendance software can give a productivity report so that the overall employee productivity can be analysed.

Attendance software of smart HRMS can perform various attendance management activities like reading data from time card, managing shifts, collecting overing, collecting manual punches and processing attendance for employee payroll.
Screen of attendnace software where different shifts can be created with shift timings, time in and time out, break timing and shift name.

Shift Creation

Shifts Creation

Employee shifts can be created over any time duration as per the company policy.

Import Shift data

Previous shift data can also be uploaded into Attendance software with a simple excel sheet format.

Shift Based Break Hours

Breaks for different shifts can be set within the Attendance management system of Smart HRMS.


Automated Over Time Entry

Overtime hours that is collected from biometrics will be automatically read by our attendance management system.

Manual Overtime Entry

Employees can also update the overtime hours manually.

Overtime data Import

Overtime details of employees can be imported to our Attendance Management System with a simple excel sheet.

Overtime Approval

Employee overtime details will be further checked and approved by their managers. This data can further be mapped with the payroll process.

Attendance software screen where overtime details of employees are displayed.
Screen of Attendance software where managers can mannualy mark attendance of employees.

Manual Punch

Attendance Entry

Manual attendance is also supported by our attendance software (Smart HRMS). This will be a helpful feature for employees who are off-duty.

Manual Punch Request & Approval

Manual attendance can be regulated with a request and approval model by their respective managers.

Manual Punch Report

You can view Attendance reports of employees who entered attendance manually.

Attendance Process and Payroll Posting

Manual Attendance Process

You can manually check and edit employee attendance before processing it for payroll.

Transfer to payroll software

Once the attendance details of the employees are finalized, they can be transferred to the payroll software for payroll process.

Wrong / Unpunched Details

The Manager can make changes to the attendance before processing it for payroll.

After collecting attendance those details can further be processed for payroll.
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