New Inputs Creation

Dynamic Form Creation

Create multiple forms in any desired format and any number of inputs to collect any user data. The forms include Block, Tab, Form with table.

Form Inputs Creation

Text box, Radio buttons, Checklist, date picker and summary box etc., can be added to the form to collect data in the desired format.

Table View Order

Create table orders in which the tables appear to the users.

Picklist Based Query

Display user-specific data under drop down with the help of queries.

Role Based Conditions

Assign Role-based conditions to display, hide and create non-editable inputs for users.

New Inputs Creation
HR Helpdesk

HR Helpdesk

Employee queries

Collect queries from employees to address workplace issues and maintain organisational culture.

Manage Employee Queries

Manage employee queries by the data, status and estimated date of solution.


Manage the welfare of the employees by solving employee queries.

Manage access

Set Permissions

Set permissions to employee to restrict access to important modules and organisational data.

Manage Permission

Add, Remove edit permission set for employees with HR utilities (Smart HRMS)

Import & Export Permission

Import / export Employee permission with the help of a simple excel format.

Manage Permission
Dynamic Letters

Create Dynamic Letters

Create Blocks

Create dynamic letters using content blocks that contains different formats.

Create Format

Create letter formats using an easy-to-use editing software.

Letter details

Check details of any saved dynamic letter formats to find the purpose of letters.

Manage employee Re-joining

Request & Approval

Manager can Approve and reject any employee re-joining request.

Employee Logs

Find employee data to fetch employee history.

Check and compare

Check inactive date and other details with HR utilities (Smart HRMS).

Rejoining Request
Master Change Log

Master Change Log

This report consists of all the changes that happened to the important modules. This helps the user to keep track of the changes made on Core HR.

Theme Setting

The appearance of the core hr screen can be set based on user interest.

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