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Organisational reports are important for the management to understand its performance and make informed decisions. A curated payroll report can save at least three hours for the manager to view all the employee payroll details. Not just to save time, the insights delivered through the reports help the management take informed decisions.

With Smart, HRMS reports the raw data from its system converted to attractive reports to give the manager an overall view over the organisation’s performance.

PF Reports

Form 3A

This form consists of the amount contributed by the employer & and the employee to the PF.

Form 5

Form 5 is submitted by the employer to the employees’ pension scheme.

PF Challan

This challan is generated when the employees pay their PF contribution.

pf reports
esi reports

PT & ESI Reports

Proffessional Tax Report

Professional tax Location, amount and range based reports can be viewed and downloaded.

PF & ESI Extract

PF & ESI detail of employees can be extracted from the database and viewed as reports with this option.

ESI Challan

ESI challan required for statutory payments can be generated here.

Component Wise Report

Earning Components

You can view the month wise overall earning component for a specific category or department with our dashboards and reports of Smart HRMS.

Deduction Components

You can also view month wise employee overall deduction components for any specific category or department.

Add Salary Sheet

Component wise reports can be attached with Monthly salary sheet for reference purposes.

Excel Generation

Required component wise reports can be generated, modified and edited within a simple excel format.

component wise report

Detailed Reconsilation

Earning variance

Before processing the employee payroll, the overall Earning component can be verified by comparing the earning variations of two consecutive months.

Deductions variance

Before processing payroll for employees, the overall deductions component can be verified by comparing the deductions variations of two consecutive months.

Earnings Comparison

Month on month earning components can be compared with Compare expenditure report.

Deduction Comparison

Deduction components for consecutive months can be compared with Component wise report.

Consolidated Earning

Get an overall view of the various earning components with Consolidates reports. Employee salary sheet can also be attached for better understanding.

Consolidated Deductions

Get an overall view of the various deductions components with Consolidates reports. Employee salary sheet can also be attached for reference purposes.

Report Wizard

Report Creation

Create any required report to easily understand complex organisational data. The created reports can be viewed and exported here.

Add Additional Columns

Inside the dynamic reports of smart hrms, add columns of any data that you need.

Total Column Sum

Inside our dynamic reports Calculate the sum for any required column.

Report View layout

Modify the position of the column inside the reports here.

Table Join and Conditions

Add multiple organisational data to create a merged report.


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