“Real time attendance tracking with Bio-Metric integration”
End-to-End Attendance tracking with Overtime and Additional Hours generating a flawless Attendance Report for Payroll Transaction.
Timecard View
OT Approval
Wrong Punch Details
Manual Punch Approval
Real-time Attendance
Attendance reports
Wrong Entry Details
Unpunched Reports
Attendance management system of Smarthrms
Leave management system overview
“Enjoy a haslefree process of managing your leaves on your fingertips”
Leave management system is created for the employees and their manager to process leave easy and transparent
Holiday & week off
Leave opening
leave reports
Leave Approval
Year End Transfer
Leave EncashDays
Permission Approval
Direct Leave Entry(HR)
Manual, auto credit
“Flawless salary process to the company & the employee everytime”
Upload monthly data in bulk and process Payroll with any arithmetic formulas and Conditional statements in one click.
Create Infinite users
Role wise permissions
Auto Emp. code creation
Loan Management
Single & Bulk upload
One-Click Payroll Process
F&F Settlement
Dynamic payroll
Payroll Reports
Payroll software of smart hrms
Income tax software of smart hrms
Income Tax
“Employee tax filling with declaration in regulated government format”
All Incomes and expenses can be calculated for filing income tax without missing a single rupee for the financial year.
Tax calculator
Tax history import
Declaration entry
Tax section finder
Worksheet view
Tax proof entry
One click tax process
Form-16, 24Q report
Payroll Process with Tax
Dashboard & Reports
“Create Attractive & Infinite dynamic reports with analytics support”
Create infinite number of attractive reports that represent dynamic data that you want. Reports come with analytics support so that you get a better view on your company data.
Today’s Birthdays
Audit trail
Loan Ledger
Department Wise Salary
Designation Wise Salary
Active Employee Count
Year of Completion
Team wise Resigned
Department wise Count
Component wise report
Report Wizard
Detailed Reconciliation
HRMS Reports
Communication software
“Make your organisational communication on-time, safe and secured”
Configure Email and SMS services for your internal communication at ease. Send bulk Emails and SMS to all the employees in one click and check real-time status of your communications.
 Safe and Secured
 Easy configuration
 Delivery Reports
 TRAI registered SMS Content
 One-click Communication
 Bulk Email and SMS
HR Utilities
“All that the HR needs other than a User-Friendly Smart HRMS”
HR utilities are especially for HR to support their workflow and complete HR activities efficiently.Create dynamic letterhead and use it for communication.
HR helpdesk
User permission
Dynamic letters
Master Change log
Re-joining approval
Customizable Formula
Set your theme
Increment Approval
Increment Reports
core hr software overview

HRMS Process

We have built it to be customisable so that the user can make the necessary
changes. In addition, Smart HRMS is accessible also through the cloud. Being a
web based HRMS software, the HR data is accessible everywhere, every time

Attendance & Leave
Monthly Input
Payroll & Tax
Full and Final Settlement

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